Get to Know Some of Our Professional Drivers!


John has been with us for 11 years. He is a retired gentleman, and enjoys this job because it allows him to meet new people and connect with them about their and his own experiences with world travel. John was previously an MBTA bus driver for 23 years, all over the Boston metro area and the North Shore. When we spoke with him, his words were “I’ve seen it all.” John’s favorite places on the North Shore are Swampscott and Marblehead. In his spare time, he enjoys model trains and travelling to New York.


Roland is our senior driver, having been with us for 14 years. He is also a retired gentleman and enjoys the job because of the activity it provides and the interaction with other people. Roland has no particular favorite town on the North Shore; he is, however, a bit of a foodie and enjoys lots of local and international foods. His favorite restaurants are Soall Bistro in Marblehead, the Village in Essex, and Casa Carona in Marblehead. He also has a condo in the south of Spain.


Bill has been with us since 2007 and enjoys meeting different and interesting people while driving for us. He is retired, and enjoys playing golf during his free time. He has a boat and goes striper fishing as well. His favorite place on the North Shore is Gloucester. In the past, he worked for Westinghouse Electric Corp. and Sieman’s Power Generation for 30+ years.


Mike is a recent addition to our team, starting in March of this year. Mike likes that he knows where is going to be the next day, and that he is picking up different people all the time. “Some people talk, some people don’t; everyone is different.” Mike’s favorite place on the North Shore is Gloucester, and his favorite seafood place is Woodman’s of Essex. Mike is a drummer; he has jammed in bands for 50 years, playing the best of class hits and blues. Mike has worked for an oil company and driven tractor trailers in the past.


Paul has been with us since the beginning of the year. He very much enjoys working with our management staff; “Joan, Vincent and Garrett are all great people to work for.” Paul enjoys driving because he is a natural people person; even if people are in a foul mood, he is usually able to cheer them up and get them to talk by the end of their trip. Paul grew up in Swampscott, and knows all of the local haunts. He enjoys all of Cape Ann and Old Town Marblehead as well as swimming all of the local beaches. In the past, Paul has done everything from building houses and sitework to specialized jobs at GE.


Charlie, another retired gentleman, has also been with us for 11 years. He enjoys this part time job because he meets and converses with different people every day. Charlie enjoys working on his home, doing maintenance and making improvements. He also plays golf and likes to spend time with his 9 grandchildren. The Porthole Pub in Lynn is his favorite place for local seafood, and he likes to frequent Marblehead. In his previous career, Charlie worked for Coca Cola first as a driver then as an account manager.