Travel Tips

Check out our latest travel tips which cover a range of topics from airport transportation to traveling with pets to whether or not you should bring a car seat with you on your next trip. Over the years we have seen customers have to turn around and go home because they were not prepared for their flight. Some customers did not realize they needed proper documentation in order to bring their pet onto an airplane. Other customers completely forgot about needing their passport and had to delay their trips. Read through our blog to learn everything you need to know about traveling through Logan Airport!

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The Benefits of a Travel Agent

With the rise of online booking websites, travel agencies can sometimes feel like a dying business. However, there are still many benefits of a travel agent that online booking websites cannot match. These benefits include saving money, saving time, and finding the best vacation you are looking for.

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preparing for security checks at logan airport dependable limo

Travel Tip: Preparing for Security at Logan Airport

Getting through security at Logan Airport can be time consuming and a hassle. If you are traveling to Logan Airport, there are many things that you can do to pass through security faster. Logan Airport uses body scanners and thoroughly checks every bag that goes through the Airport. The security officers try to keep lines less than 15 minutes long, but lines can be much longer if you are not prepared!

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