traveling with kidsTraveling and dealing with airports is stressful enough, adding kids into the equation is a whole other story. From getting through TSA to keeping your kids entertained on the plane, there is so much you have to consider before traveling with your family. The truth is you can’t plan for everything, but we have a few tips that can help prepare you and your family as best as possible!

Schedule Your Ride to The Airport

Leaving your home to go to the airport sets the whole mood of the day. Do you want to start out calm, cool and collected… or in a stressed-out panic? If you want the first option (which everyone does) we can help you out. Don’t risk relying on a hit-or-miss app that will send you a random car and random driver to get you to the airport, schedule with us ahead of time for safe and reliable service. With Dependable Limo, you will get a clean car that will fit all your luggage and a professional, safe driver that will take the best route to the airport to ensure you arrive on time. We will even be at your house 15 minutes early to help you pack up the car and be ready to leave whenever you are.

Checking In

Always, always, always check into your flight ahead of time! Checking in online is available 24 hours before takeoff. Different airlines vary, but you may be able to choose or change your seats, pay for checked bags, or even print your boarding passes. If you check in ahead of time and aren’t checking any bags (which is unlikely when traveling with children) you can even skip the check-in desk and go straight to security when you get to the airport.


traveling with kidsAfter checking in, it’s time to tackle the dreaded security line. Planning out what your children are going to wear to the airport is key when it comes to TSA. Make sure they’re as comfortable as possible and try to dress them in layers. TSA will make you take off any sort of jacket when going through security, so to avoid the headache of taking off your kids jackets, finding them after and putting them back on, dress your child in light layers. The security guards usually don’t make people take off sweatshirts when going through security, especially not a child. As for shoes, pick some comfortable slip-ons, avoid laces if your kids don’t know how to tie their shoes yet.

Dressing your kids in layers is also good if you’re traveling from a cold place to a warm place. You won’t have to lug around a bunch of winter jackets once you get to your destination. Your kids can simply take off their extra layers and tie them around their waists whenever they want to.

Baby On Board

If you’re traveling with a newborn or small baby, there are obviously some extra precautions you have to take:

  • If your baby is less than 2 years old, you are permitted to hold them on your lap during the flight and do not need to purchase a ticket for them. Even though they don’t need their own seat, you still may want to consider getting one so you can have a little extra room to spread out. If you do, bring a car seat for them so you can switch off from holding them and letting them sit in the seat.
  • Even though kids under 2 don’t need their own ticket, they do need a passport to travel internationally! Many people forget this because it seems kind of crazy to get a baby a passport, but it is necessary!
  • A newer trend that parents of newborns are doing now is giving out goodie bags to people sitting around them on the plane. This is obviously not necessary, but it is a nice gesture since your baby may get upset during the flight. You could include earplugs, a pack of gum or some maybe some candy. Something small and simple can make a huge difference to your neighbor passengers.

Skip the Gift Shops & Convenience Stores

Everything is marked up in the airport a ridiculous amount, so do your best to stay away from the stores. Pack your own reusable water bottles empty in your carry-on and fill them up once you get past security so you don’t have to buy the expensive water bottles in there. As for snacks, pack a few little goodie bags that you can surprise your kids with once your own the plane. They’ll get an exciting little treat of their favorite snacks, and you won’t have to waste your time or money finding food in the airport that they may or may not like.

Unfortunately, you can’t plan for everything, you never know what little bumps in the road you may hit. But doing these few things will make traveling with your family so much easier, we guarantee it. So, take the first step today, and book your ride to the airport with us! Give us a call at 781-462-6559 or get a quote online!