4 Reasons You Should Use a Car Service for Events

Boston is a city teeming with nightlife – restaurants, clubs, bars, events. Transportation to these events can sometimes be a headache. How many times have you been caught outside a venue, in the cold, waiting for a taxi or Uber with everyone else? Or had to pay an exorbitant fee because of surge pricing or crossing town lines? These are challenges that you circumvent when using a car service for your night on the town.

Guaranteed Rides.

Getting a ride from a taxi or Uber can be a challenge in crowded venues where hundreds of people could be looking for transportation at the same time. Where demand exceeds supply, price increases – the cost for a ride home (or your next destination) can be astronomical.

Planning for a car to meet you at a destination close to your venue can save you a significant headache in getting to your next destination for the night. Have your driver meet you at an address a little ways from your venue, so that you will not be lost in the crowd and the traffic will be at a minimum.

dependable limo car service for events north shore boston maPay In Advance.

When you use a car service, your itinerary is worked out with the driver so that they can be where you need them to be at the right time. This also allows you to prepay for your trips or pay by invoice (where available). Not having to handle payment at the time makes for less worry about making sure you’ve saved enough money for a cab. Paying in advance also allows for more payment options, such as cards and checks.

Service Area is greater.

Many cab and Uber drivers have been known to snub fares who are going far out of the city. If you are headed as far north as Lynnfield or Beverly, you may be in for a rude awakening. Many cabs charge a fee for crossing city lines; which, when you’re heading on a 25-minute car ride, can be quite a few. Ubers and cabs charge by the mile, making any ride out to the suburbs outside of the city quite expensive.

Using a car service with a predetermined point of origin and destination is a much more cost-effective alternative for longer car rides out of the city. Compared to driving yourself into the city, the of event parking and the headache alone can be significant savings. Check out our service area.

Drivers are thoroughly vetted and screened.

Uber has recently come under fire for not having a thorough process for background-checking their drivers or requiring thorough enough insurance. All livery drivers – those drivers of commercial vehicles used solely for the transport of persons – must be vetted through MassPort and have a commercial license. Your car service will also do their own thorough background check. You can rest assured that every precaution is being taken to ensure your safety while you are in the car.

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