Our Airport Transportation Service

airport transportation logan airport to north shore maAirport transportation represents a large majority of what we do. Our experience driving to and from Logan Airport has resulted in our drivers becoming experts in providing car service to Logan Airport. We operate 24 hours a day and serve the entire North Shore and more. View our service area or get a quote in 30 seconds for your ride.

Rides to the Airport

We understand that when it comes to your flight, we must get you there on time and we do so, every time.

How do we do this?

  • We are committed to being on time, every time
  • All reservations confirmed and managed by our robust booking system
  • We only hire the best drivers
  • Direct communication between drivers and clients
  • Confirmation emails
  • Automatic text message reminders

Rides from the Airport

The same also applies to picking you up from the airport. The last thing you want to do after a long flight is wait you’re your driver. We always arrive at the airport to pick you up prior to your plane landing so we can be sure that we are the ones doing the waiting. In addition, our office and driver constantly monitors your flight status so we know if you are running a bit early or late. Once you land, you can simply call your driver and he will let you know he is there and ready. During the call, he will also give you some instructions on where to see him. If you want to know where to find your driver in advance, you can find where to go on our FAQs page which has instructions for each terminal.

A Car Service for Airport TransportationWhere Do We Pick You Up?

Each terminal at Logan Airport has a designed “limo pool” where private car services wait for their customers. Drivers are not allowed to leave the limo pool so they cannot go into the airport to greet customers. The directions below should clarify where you need to go to find where your driver is waiting for you. The most confusing terminal is Terminal C, where JetBlue lands, because the limo pool is actually located on the departures level instead of the arrivals level. If you are arriving on a JetBlue flight, be sure to read the instructions below! At Dependable Limo, our drivers call all of our customers shortly after they have arrived to confirm their exact location. Our drivers will also be waiting outside of their vehicles holding a whiteboard with the customer’s last name on it. If you have any questions about where to go when you arrive at Logan Airport, let us know! Find what terminal you will be arriving at here.

Terminal A: Go to the baggage level and go out the first door you see. Walk across to the parking area.
Terminal B: Go to the baggage level, walk across to Central Parking. Follow the posted signs.
Terminal C: First, go downstairs and pick up your baggage. Then, come back upstairs, and walk out the front door. If you do not have any baggage, you can ignore the first step of going downstairs!
Terminal E: Go to the baggage level, and go out the first door. Walk across to the parking area.

Logan Airport Transportation Options

When you are planning your business trip or vacation you will eventually need to decide what the best way to get to the airport is. Your options are:

  1. Drive & Park
  2. Take the Subway
  3. Use a Shuttle Service
  4. Hire a Car Service

Driving and parking at the airport can be costly if you are going away for extended periods of time since parking at Logan Airport is $32 per day. You will also need to deal with trying to find a parking spot in a crowded garage that ends up being a long walk to the terminals.

Taking the subway is cheaper than parking at the airport and is only $5 per day, but you will need to take the subway and a shuttle to get to the airport. Choosing this option of airport transportation ends up taking hours out of your day.

If you are considering a shuttle service, be prepared to plan your trip around their schedules. This option also ends up taking hours since you need to park and take a shuttle before actually getting to the airport.

Hiring a car service to Logan Airport ensures you will have a private car to yourself with a professional driver that will drop you off right outside the terminal doors. You do not need to worry about parking, taking your bags on a crowded subway or catching a shuttle bus.

dependable limo airport transportationWhy Choose Dependable Limo for Airport Transportation?

We strive to offer the best car service in the North Shore and are constantly working to improve our service and we believe it all starts with our drivers. When we hire a new driver we do not just hire anyone; our drivers are all extremely professional, timely and friendly. Our emphasis on being on time, every time ensures you will always have a car waiting for you outside your home or at the airport before you even land. We invest in the latest technology to ensure a stress-free experience that includes confirmation emails, reminder text messages and text messages that alert you when your driver has arrived. When you use Dependable Limo, you will receive you drivers name and phone number the night before your ride so you can contact them directly. This makes it easy to find your driver at Logan Airport and guarantees a smooth experience.