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What time do I need to be picked up?

For domestic flights we typically recommend a pick-up time of 2 hours before the departure. For international flights we recommend a pick-up time of 2.5 hours before the departure. If the ride is during rush hour we typically move up the pick-up time by 30 minutes. In the end, it is completely up to you! We will allow as much time as you need.

How far in advance do I need to book?

It is best to make reservations by the day before your ride. We can typically accommodate rides booked on shorter notice, but if you book at least a day in advance we can guarantee we are available!

Do we tip the driver?

Yes, tip is not included in the cost of the ride.  Tips can be paid in cash directly to your driver or added to your bill.

What are my payment options?

We have a few different methods of payment. Our options are:

  1. Pay the driver with cash or check
  2. Receive a bill at the end of the month (Massachusetts Addresses Only)
  3. Pay with credit card