Airport Transportation: 3 Reasons Why People Hate Taxis and Ubers

Getting to the airport can be hard enough. If you’re not traveling by yourself, the problems can easily escalate. Your automatic reaction may be to call a taxi or Uber for your airport transportation. Stop! There are 4 major risks that you need to be aware of when using on-demand transportation to get to the airport. They’re important, so we’ll go into them here.

1. Not knowing who your driver will be.

This can be a pertinent question for women who are traveling alone late at night or early in the morning. Uber displays a small picture, a name, and a star rating, but other than that, you have no idea who will be picking you up. A taxi driver is even more anonymous. Another thing to consider with an Uber is what kind of car you’re going to get. You can request an XL Uber, but it will cost more and may not be available in your area at the time.

With a car service, your airport transportation is guaranteed to be safe and secure. All drivers are vetted and background checked. Car service vehicles always have ample room for all of your luggage, so there is no concern if you can fit all of your things in the trunk and passengers in the car.

2. Not knowing your route or mileage in advance.

While this is somewhat changeable depending on your location, a taxi or Uber has complete control of the vehicle. Many times, on-demand car services will take a roundabout route to their destination in order to rack up the fair. While this is unfair to the passenger, the “meter is running”, so to speak, so there is no retaliation available. Many Ubers are not seasoned city drivers; they come from the suburbs and go into the city to make money. They may get lost easily.

A car service is very familiar with all routes to the airport, as well as shortcuts available that will help with traffic (if any). A car service is also not charged by the mile. Airport transportation by car service is charged with a flat fee, so there is no mileage calculation to be done on board.

A Car Service for Airport Transportation

3. Unknown costs.

Paying for a taxi can be difficult. You are struggling with your bags, then you have to pay for the taxi and tip the driver. The driver may be difficult if s/he doesn’t believe that you have tipped them enough. While Ubers are paid through the app without the need for exchanging money, there is an additional charge for airport transportation and tipping is not yet available.

A car service can be paid for in advance by invoice with the tip included. This is convenient for customers that may have a lot of baggage or are traveling with children. Are you scheduling your car service while on vacation? Online reservations are available.

Save yourself the trouble and schedule a car service for your airport transportation. We’re more than happy to give you a quick quote. Contact us for a quick quote today!

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