Finding “The Good Eats” Wherever You May Roam

It’s long been the challenge of any traveler: finding “the good eats”. How do you know where you’re going has top of the line food? How do you know you’re going to get cuisine that is true to the area and not just a reheat of the same food you eat at home? These are surprises no one wants to come across on their travels.

We put together three tips to keep in mind when planning the vittles of your trip. Follow this guide, and you’ll be sure to find some great local eats.

1. Ask the locals.

The best way to experience an area is through its local cuisine, and no one is going to know the local food better than the people who live there. However, you can’t just walk up to a random stranger in the road and ask them where the best place to get fish and chips may be. If you’re staying in a hotel, try speaking with your hotel concierge about local eateries. He or she may have some unique suggestions.

Do you plan on shopping while you’re visiting the area? Salespeople are also a great resource for local cuisine. Chances are good that they do not travel far for their job and know the local scene very well. The same goes for transportation providers. Your taxi driver or car service may be able to make some great recommendations.

tips for dining when traveling2. Choose Locations Wisely.

Not every restaurant is created equal. Eateries near tourist attractions are going to be more expensive in hopes of cashing in on those tourist bucks. Don’t give in! Instead, go for restaurants near colleges or casinos. These restaurants often offer many discounts and specials for patrons who may be hard up. Other places to look are smaller streets off the beaten path. Here’s a hint: does the restaurant look crowded or have a line? Chances are it’s probably good and worth a try!

Are you staying in accommodations that have kitchen facilities? What better way to try the local flavor than going to an ethnic supermarket? These stores tend to be less expensive than a chain supermarket and also have locally sourced produce.

3. Local Food Bloggers.

Everyone has jumped on the blog bandwagon over the years. What better source of local information than a local blog? Try googling “[area you’re visiting] blogs” and see what pops up. A little pre-vacation research can work wonders. Not only with cuisine, but also with local attractions and places that may not be in your tourist manual.

Next time you’re headed out for a trip outside of your comfort zone, do a little research ahead of time and you’re sure to have a wonderful foodie experience with local cuisine. Bon Appetit!

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