International Travel: Keep It Smooth and Easy

Travel outside of the United States is a dream for many people. There are so many exotic destinations to choose from. For students who plan to study abroad, many overseas colleges have significantly lower tuition for a similar education. There are different cultures all over the world; to experience them first hand can be an amazing experience. See animals and landscapes from beautiful photos up close and in person. There are many reasons for international travel. However, preparing beforehand is a must in order to make your trip as smooth as possible. We’ve put together some pointers to help your next international excursion be a piece of gâteau.

Pack intelligently.

Every vacation starts with what you bring to it in suitcases, bags, and totes. Keeping your baggage to a minimum can not only save you money but hassle. There are lots of videos available for advice on packing efficiently (like this video, explaining how to fit 100 items in your standard carry-on). In order to avoid wrinkles, pack your permanent press garments in dry cleaning bags. Keep in mind that the limit for liquids on international travel, or on any airline, in a carry-on is 3.4oz and enough to be carried in a quart size plastic bag. Small bottles of that size can be purchased at most drug and discount stores.

Checked Baggage

Being able to pack everything you need in your carry-on can be very convenient. Checking bags can be difficult in and of itself. If you do need to check a bag, try to use some sort of identifying mark to make your suitcase more noticeable at a glance. Some people tie ribbons or yarn on the handles and zippers of their suitcases. Purchasing luggage specifically for international travel? Go with a suitcase that is a bright color or pattern to make picking it out easier. Also, consider checking your bags online prior to your trip to help save money.

International Travel to the Eiffel Tower, Paris, FranceKeep your international travel documents safe.

When traveling abroad, it’s a good idea to have access to a copy of your passport if you need it, such as in your email or on your phone. If it is lost or stolen during international travel, having all information handy will expedite the process of getting a new one. Keep in mind, however, that a photocopy of your passport is not sufficient to gain entry to another country, United States included. Just a tip: make sure you know the address of your American Embassy in case of emergency.

There are pickpockets everywhere, always looking for tourists to take advantage of. Instead of carrying a shoulder bag, consider buying a cross-body bag to hold your belongings. Cross-body bags are more difficult to snatch and also require less adjusting and readjusting. Prefer not to have a bag? There are many passport holders that simply hang around your neck and have small pockets for currency and cards.

Plan your money ahead.

International purchases can be a red flag for credit and debit card companies. If you’re planning international travel, inform your credit card company so that they don’t flag your card for fraudulent purchases and lock it. The EU, in particular, has mostly converted to the chip card system. To increase your safety from fraud and make your card easier to use, ask your bank for a chip card if it’s available. Also, keep in mind that many banks charge foreign and international ATM fees – educate yourself before heading out.


Having cash on hand abroad is a must. Small eateries and bistros will many times take only cash. Tipping maitre d’s, transportation, and other service providers is expected in many situations. Having cash on hand before international travel can be a big help. Your bank can assist you with currency conversion before you head oversea.  A bank can get you a better exchange rate than a currency-by-mail service, which can also charge exorbitant fees.

International travel is a wonderful experience full of memories to last a lifetime. With a little bit of preparation, your vacation can be much smoother. The first thing and the last thing that you will have to concern yourself about is transportation to and from the airport. Don’t let that worry you! Contact Dependable Limo for a quick quote on transportation to and from Logan Airport.

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