Looking for Vacation Ideas? Try the Train!

When we think of traveling by train, we think of Victorian ladies and gentlemen sipping tea out of fine china cups in dining cars while beautiful scenery goes by. In truth, not much has changed. There are still dining cars that use real china and serve exceptional tea and watching the scenery whizz by is a wonderful experience.

travel by train in the CountryWhy Travelling By Train is Better For Your Wallet

Air travel is fraught with fees and price changes: you have to buy your ticket in this particular time window and keep your baggage within this particular weight and dimension to avoid being charged. There’s no such problem with train travel. Amtrak, one of the most popular train travel providers, has a 200lb baggage limit before you are charged any fees. There are also many discounts available for train tickets – senior, AAA, military, student, child, and other key demographics.

Many routes don’t require a reservation; your ticket can be purchased right on the day of travel when you arrive at the station. Travel along the Northeast Corridor is common, so ticket prices are cheap and trains run often. Train fares are not as changeable as airfare; there are no blackout dates and rates do not change depending on the season (with the exception of peak times or holidays).

Why Traveling By Train Makes a Better Vacation

What’s the point of a vacation? One would hope that it would be to relax. It’s not in the least bit relaxing to arrive at a crowded airport hours before your flight, wait in line for security checkpoints, then squeeze into uncomfortable seats (that seem to be getting smaller every year).

When traveling by train, your seat is comfortable and placed near a large window where you can watch the country roll by while you enjoy a book or snack. Overnight trips will have a compartment that will fold into a bed and a dining car for meals. Most train stations are located right in the heart of the cities they serve, so there’s no need for additional rides to and from the airport.

Many train routes are known for their beautiful scenery. Someone else is driving; you’re free to take pictures. Railroad tracks are built into the country around them – woods, water, mountains… all of these are right outside your window, making for great photo opportunities. From the California Zephyr to the Cape Cod Central Railroad, trains are a great way to see the country.

If you’re not sure how to find the best vacation, consider hiring a travel agent!