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The Benefits of a Travel Agent

With the rise of online booking websites, travel agencies can sometimes feel like a dying business. However, there are still many benefits of a travel agent that online booking websites cannot match. These benefits include saving money, saving time, and finding the best vacation you are looking for.

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The Top Hotels in Salem, Massachusetts

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists make their way to historic Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is popular for the 1692 Salem Witch Trials and there are many museums and attractions in Downtown Salem highlighting the history of the city. Tourists who visit during the month of October will often see Halloween costumes starting on October 1st.

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Parking at Logan Airport & A Better Alternative

There are many alternatives for getting to the airport and parking at Logan Airport is definitely a popular choice among travelers. It can be convenient to have your car at the airport and depending on the length of your trip, it can also be a cost effective choice. If you are considering parking at the airport, here is everything you need to know!

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Travel Tip: Preparing for Security at Logan Airport

Getting through security at Logan Airport can be time consuming and a hassle. If you are traveling to Logan Airport, there are many things that you can do to pass through security faster. Logan Airport uses body scanners and thoroughly checks every bag that goes through the Airport. The security officers try to keep lines less than 15 minutes long, but lines can be much longer if you are not prepared!

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Choosing the Correct Pick-Up Time for a Ride to Logan Airport

There are many factors to consider when determining the correct pick-up time for your ride to Logan Airport. In addition to getting to the Airport on time, there are also certain situations where you need to allow yourself more time at the Airport. If you are scheduling a ride with a private car service, you should consider the following before determining your pick-up time.

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Where do I Find my Car Service at Logan Airport?

If you have hired us, or another private car service at Logan Airport, you may be wondering where to find your driver after your flight lands. We often get calls from our customers wondering where they need to go to find their driver. The instructions for each terminal below should clarify where you need to go if you are arriving at Logan Airport.

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The 4 Best Methods of Airport Transportation

If you travel often for business or just need to get to the airport for an upcoming trip, you are probably thinking about a method of transportation. Many people rely on friends or family to drive them to the airport, but this can be a hassle when your flight is at six in the morning and you do not want to bother them.

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