Different Ways to Get Around Boston: A Comparison

pexels-photo-31351There’s nothing quite like “doing the city”. There are many different ways to do the city. You could have a day of shopping planned with friends on Newbury Street, Faneuil Hall, and Copley Place. Or perhaps you want to take in dinner and a show at the Wang Theatre? For those of us who like to live on the wild side, there are pub crawls and the club scene on Lansdowne Street and beyond.

There are just many ways to get around the city as there are to do the city. Not all of them are created equal, however. Each one has its pros and its cons. We’ve laid out the four most popular options for getting around Boston. Which would you choose for your multi-stop trip? Let us know in the comments! Are you visiting Boston? Here are some tips for finding the best restaurants!

(This table is based on an origin of Wonderland Station, Revere, MA.)

 The TTaxis/UberCar ServiceDrive Yourself
ConvenienceYour car is only accessible by the T by which you arrived. You need to take the bus or T around the city and walk to and from the T and bus stops.
You have to take a taxi/Uber everywhere you go; if none are available, too bad.
You have access to your car for as long as you need it.
You have access to your car for as long as you are able to drive it. Don’t drink too much!
Parking$5 at the T garage for the day.You can park for free at your house. When you're ready to change locations, call for another Uber of Taxi. Beware surge pricing!You can park for free at your house. Your car stays nearby, ready for your call.
$10+, and you will have to walk or ride the T to and from the garage.
Price$2.65 one way + $5 parking, or $12 for unlimited 1 day pass
Depending on the time of your ride, you may be charged surge pricing. Taxis and Ubers charge by the mile.You pay a flat rate per hour of your reservation for your car.
Parking + tolls + gas.