Business Transportation and Your Car Service

How many times have you had trouble with transport for clients from out of town? There are expense receipts for employees for mileage, parking, and gas. If clients aren’t transported in an employee’s car, they are at the mercy of the local taxi company or Uber. This has its own nightmare of expense reports and reimbursements. There is an easy way to forego all of these headaches: use a car service.

Why shouldn’t my employee transport my out-of-town client?

There are many problems with this option. Firstly, there are many expenses involved with transporting a client: mileage, gas, and parking, for starters. Your employee may request reimbursement for having their car detailed. These are all nightmares for your accounting department. What if your employee should get distracted by talking to the client while on the road and gets into an accident? Your company’s image is very important and must be taken into consideration.

business transportationHow can a car service benefit an out-of-town client?

Hiring a car service for all of your client’s needs is a much more professional and courteous way handle them. A car service will be at your client’s point of arrival promptly without the need for parking. Your client won’t have to worry about paying for a taxi or Uber.

Do you have a conference or luncheon to which your client is invited? Don’t leave them to their own devices – offer them the use of your car service. They may decline, but the fact that the offer is made will go a long way. Prompt, dependable transportation to and from business functions is an often-overlooked component of an out-of-town business trip.

Can a car service help local meetings as well?

There are always in-town meetings and conferences, to which many people may be traveling from the same destination. Instead of leaving everyone to the peril of taxis and Ubers and burdening the accounting department yet again, go to your car service and have your employees carpool to the conference location or luncheon. Even employees with their own transportation can carpool in this manner; there will be no need for parking, mileage, or gas reimbursement.

Your local car service company is not only an asset to your accounting department but also to your entire company. Read why people hate taxis and Ubers here!