Black Falcon Pier Car Service

One of the great things about going on a cruise for vacation is the lack of traveling you have to do. There is no waiting for the plane to take off or sitting in a tiny crowded airplane seat. Once you step on that ship your vacation begins. But before that can happen you need to find a way to get to your cruise terminal. You don’t want to lug all of your luggage on a dirty bus or train, so public transportation is out of the question. You could order an Uber or Lyft, but they’re not always the most reliable. If you want a comfortable and prompt ride to your terminal at Black Falcon Pier you want to use a Black Falcon Pier car service. Here are a few reasons why traveling with a car service should be your number one choice!

On Time, Every Time

When you use a car service like Dependable Limo you never have to worry about being late. Your driver will arrive at your house 15 minutes prior to your pickup time, and if you’re running a little late, no problem! We don’t mind waiting, we won’t leave you or charge you extra for running a few minutes behind schedule. The same goes for when you’re returning from your trip. We’ll send you a message and let you know when we arrive and will tell you exactly where you can find us.

Clean and Safe

As mentioned before you never really know what you are going to get when you order and Uber or Lyft.  Uber says they do background checks for every driver, and they are supposed to keep their cars decently clean, but there is still a risk factor when ordering a ride from an app especially when traveling for vacation. What if your ride comes and there is no room for your luggage? You never truly know who will be coming to pick you up, or the what condition their car will be in. With Dependable Limo you will get the complete opposite of this.  We have a team of professional drivers whose main goal is to get you from point A to point B as safely and comfortably as possible. As for our cars, we have a fleet of luxury vehicles that are cleaned regularly and kept in pristine condition. The trunk will always be wide open for all of your luggage, and your driver will be happy to help you load and unload your bags and suitcases from the car.

Consistent Prices

When Ubers and Lyfts are in high demand for a certain area you will experience something called surge pricing. When ordering an Uber on a busy night in Boston it’s possible that you could be charged up to 2.5x for your ride! Airports and cruise ports are places where surge pricing often takes place.  Everyone floods out of the terminal at the same time and orders their ride and the surge pricing begins. With a car service you will be a charged a set price, which is not subject to change, and can even pay ahead of time. No surprise surge charges or added fees, just one reasonable price paid in whatever form works best for you.

So next time you’re traveling consider using Dependable Limo for your Black Falcon Pier car service! Make a reservation with us online today! Or give us a call at 781-780-2957!